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  • 作家相片棧貳庫KW2


2018 年 12 月 15 日,因港埠安全需要而管制了 70 年的高雄蓬萊商港區:高港棧庫群重新正式開放。

蛋造設計以既存物件客訂編號,並包裝設計的「Open Kao Port 貨櫃封條鑰匙圈」,讓大家在這歷史性的一天,實際體驗真實的貨櫃封條彌封過程:將金屬片穿過釘狀插銷,再上下扣合,完成封櫃的動作,同時,封存當日的記憶和體驗,讓未來使用這個貨櫃封條鑰匙圈的每一天,都能憶起這一刻:在現代高雄港所見的美麗。

本次移除管制並開放的區域,為高雄港舊港區 1 - 10 號碼頭。另外尚有已開幕一周年的棧貳庫KW2,都可以自由參觀體驗棧庫群的港口風景。高雄築港 110 年的紀念日,蛋造設計的團隊能親自參與,並為更多台灣人介紹這小小貨櫃封條所扮演的重要角色,於有榮焉。

Open Kao Port 貨櫃封條鑰匙圈:貨櫃封條材質:外為ABS塑料,內為鋼材。蝕刻連接環材質:304 不鏽鋼。由蛋造設計團隊為高雄港區土地開發公司規劃:用既有封條結合新設計的結構,以真實物件去說故事,帶領大家體驗這個具有歷史意義和紀念性的日子。

貨櫃封條鑰匙圈 Container Seal Key Chain

SPEC / 規格 鑰匙圈 9 x 2 x 2 cm


As the largest seaport in Taiwan, Kaohsiung Port has brought economic gains in the import/export sector of the Taiwanese economy. In terms of international shipping, all import and exports goods are carried inside large metal shipping containers. And what you have in your hands is the exact container seal used for any containers holding export goods leaving Kaohsiung Port. These seals are put on international shipping containers once a shipment is loaded and is meant to stay on through to the container's final destination and is removed by the consignee to prevent any tampering on its journey. The seal is something that is vital to the internationall shipping bussiness and yet is something the very little people know about.


A container seal comes in two parts--a bolt and nut--that come together to create an unlockable seal unless broken. Once all goods are loaded into the container, the shipper will seal it and note down the seal number on the lock and send it to the reciever. Once the consignee recieves the container, they'll check to match the number to see if the container has been opened during its journey.


We want you to be able to experience what it is like to lock a container seal yourself by assembling the two components together. We also hope that while you use this keychain to think back to the beauty of today's Kaohsiung Port.


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